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Lacking motivation? Here’s what you should do. Get Bearskin!

Lacking motivation? Here’s what you should do. Get Bearskin!

What about I ask you different question?

What do you hate so much that you would hit, punch or beat up ? boss, cheating partner, politician, neighbour, religion, ideology… ?
Think hard what you hate, print it on boxing bag protector, ad quotes to it and you have yourself a motivation.
And that’s what we do at MEME-graphics with Bearskin, we put your motivation on your boxing bag.


Try something different, try Bearskin.

Are you stuck in a boring cycle of always doing the same thing when you work out? Swap the cardio for a boxing, or give kickboxing a shot instead of boxing. Keeping yourself entertained with your personal boxing bag protector Bearskin.


Set clear, well-defined goals.

This is so important, yet it is often overlooked or oversimplified. Set clear goals and make sure you have real tangible rewards. Goals like losing weight or looking better are vague to say the least. How do you know when you have achieved goals like this? Simple, you don’t! Set goals like lose 7 pounds, run 4 miles, or do 15 consecutive pull-ups. When you achieve them, reward yourself with a smoothie or a new piece of workout gear that you’ve been eyeing. And with Bearskin your challenges will become easier.

These are just a few easy ideas for what can be Bearskin used, to push yourself past the February doldrums and keep that motivation going straight through to the summer months.

If you are not Shure or have more question about boxing bag protector Bearskin, joust head on over to  web site to see more examples, what all can be done to make your motivation stronger for your training.