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How to choose your T shirt size

How to choose your T shirt size

General on T-shirt sizes that we buy

The letters or number of T-shirts that we are buying, tell us generally in which size range do they fit in, but not always does that mean it will fit on us.
There is plenty of reason why size XL fits us, from one brand but not the others.
Like design, pattern, type and so on.

So how to choose the correct size for yourself?

So the best way to figure out if the selected T-shirt will fit us, is to measure one of your own T-shirts that fit you, and then order New shirt that is similar in size.
And here I will show you how doing it.

Find a place

The best place to measure is bed or a table.In my case I choose a bed because T-shirt is nicely fixed in place and it is easier to take measurements.

Find a T-shirt

Take one of your T-shirt that fit you and it is similar to the ones that you are buying

Place a T-shirt

Place your T-shirt on a bed like show in the picture

Take measurement as shown bellow

After you have taken both measurements compare them with a size chart provided by the store

All new cotton T-shirts will shrink in size after first wash around 5%