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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

We are small team of sport and dark humour enthusiast. In our free time we are trying out a lot of different stuff and have a lot of fun with it. So we created device that is motivation helper, depression destroyer, body shaper and it is on the dark side of dark humour or light side but those guys are not funny.

And we call this device Bearskin.

So what is Bearskin you ask?

What do you hate so much that you would hit, punch or beat up? boss, cheating partner, politician, neighbour, religion, ideology…?
Think hard what you hate, print it on boxing bag protector, ad quotes to it and you have yourself a motivation.
And that’s what we do at MEME-graphics with Bearskin, we put your motivation on your boxing bag.
Bearskin is made to be durable so that you can abuse it to the max.

So in short we will be starting to post graphics, videos and blogs few times per week.
Theme of the Bearskin will be random since people hate or love random stuff.

If you are not Shure or have more question about boxing bag protector Bearskin, joust head on over to  web site to see more examples, what all can be done to make your motivation stronger for your training.