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About us

Our mission

So many fitness coaches focus on most intense workout. Burn the most fat in the least amount of time. Get fit fast wit this bag workout and so on.

But where is having fun in all this?

We want YOU to enjoy your workout. Let it become a fun, stress relieving part of the day rather than an avoidable chore.

Our focus in on psychology of fitness training and weight lose. A lot of people get excited and buy a boxing bag. Few weeks later that excitement vanishes and boxing bag is just gathering dust.

It is psychologically proven that colors and graphics affect our mood:

  • If you are looking for more intense workout pick a red Berskin. Red is also the color of blood and subconciassly makes us more aggressive. Add your favorite fast, upbeat music and you have a great combination for endurance training, cardio training and burning fat!
  • Had a stressful day and just want to unwine and work at your technique? Green is for you! Green is the calming color of nature. Workout will get your heart pumping and green Berskin will calm your mind. After a workout you will feel like a new person.
  • Black and white are opposites, for those who are just looking to add cool graphic to their boxing bag. Black is neutral color that fits in any situation. White is a light color; it will brighten up the room. You can also buy Berskin without graphic and use a permanent marker to draw your own graphic on it. Just be warn that permanent markers are very hard to clean off of Berskin.
  • Are you feeling BLUE? No! We will never make a blue Berskin!
  • Our motto is:

    Make BERSKIN part or your routine!

    We want to help you get in great shape, stay fit and have fun while doing so.